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Project proposal written to the leadership of your healthcare organization

Technology has continued to shape the healthcare sector especially at a time when there are notable healthcare reforms meant to guarantee provision of quality care. From the use of technology such as the robotics arms used in surgical processes and other technological inventions that dispense medicine, the use of technology can no longer be overlooked. The modern medicine has therefore changed from being a disease industry to what can be described as a scientific wellness industry with the health care informatics being at the center of this remarkable transformation. The informatics project suggested for this project will be a “nurses alert follow-up system” which will ensure that nurses are reminded of the necessary follow-up especially those that work in busy settings.

The Proposed Project

Nurses have a remarkable role to play within their setting. In most cases however, errors are bound to happen when the nurses make mistakes or errors of omission. Nurses are also likely to miss a diagnosis or a clinical follow-up especially for patients that need critical care and proper monitoring. For instance, patients that are diabetic or hypertensive will need training on how to adhere to a specific medical program. The nurses must however be reminded of their responsibilities in guaranteeing such patients the kind of care they need.

For this proposed project, upon the first or subsequent visit to a given health facility, and with the first triage examination, the patient will be subjected to a routine check-up which will also entail the subsequent checkups of related chronic conditions like hypertension and the BMI check (Glassman, 2017). In the event the patient has one or more of the conditions, the nurse will have to register the Clinic alert follow-up system and the corresponding medical code assigned to the patient. By logging in the patient’s details, the nurse is able to explore the condition that the patient has been diagnosed and the need for subsequent follow-ups. With the doctor’s recommendation, the nurse can easily identify the needs of the patient, identify the patient’s progress. Since every patient visit is recorded in the system, further treatment sessions are easily monitored.

For a patient who is a regular visitor to the facility and hence has had previous diagnosis, the nurse is able to get an alert for other previous clinic experiences or follow-ups. The follow-ups will indicate whether the patient has been loyal to the set visit sessions and the overall treatment progress (Mullinax, n.d). The follow-up feature of the system is important as it ensures that the patient’s progress is monitored and those who don’t adhere to their required visits receive the required sensitization.

The Stakeholders who are likely to be Impacted by the Project

There are many stakeholders that are likely to be impacted by the use of the suggested project. Some of the stakeholders likely to be impacted by the project include nurses, therapists, specialists and doctors. The central player however will be the IT department and the nurse informatics whose mandate include assessing, adopting and ensuring efficient use of the new technology. The proposed project is aimed at exploring the existence of the lifestyle conditions and their required therapy and follow-up sessions. The project is informed by the fact that most of the patients that are diagnosed with chronic lifestyle conditions don’t receive the required attention and follow-up. Consequently, it is often not possible to explore and address other underlying conditions.

The IT department will ensure that all other healthcare providers have the required training that will enable them to adopt the technology and use it for the benefit of the patients. Besides, the IT and the nurse informatics team will test the system for its efficiency before it is adopted by other key players in the healthcare organization. The nurses, therapists, physicians and other players who are directly involved with the technology will use the alerts to guarantee timely response to the patient’s needs. The physicians will also rely on the new technology to ensure that the follow-ups they require of their patients are well adhered to until the patients receive full recovery.

The Patient Care Efficiencies the Project is improving

As stated before, the proposed nursing informatics project is meant to ensure that nurses are able to make follow-ups from the initial visit when the patient is diagnosed. The technology ensures that the patients stick to the recommended actions as well as the treatment process as outlined by the physician. The role of the nurse will be made even easier since the follow-up process will be made available by the system and the different informatics in the systems will be alerted on the specific decisions to be made in the course of patient’s treatment.

The suggested system will also make it easier to identify the diagnosis rate among the patients within a predefined time period. For instance, through the enhanced follow-up system, it is possible to define how many patients have visited the facility within a given time frame and what is the response rate for the patients earmarked for follow-up. In the event of follow-up using the system, the patient will be more informed and take care of themselves especially on the need to maintain a specific diet, adhere to a given physical exercise and the required medication that will guarantee provision of quality care. A clear follow-up will help to improve the relationship between patients and nurses hence improve the response to the established treatment protocol.

The Required Technology to implement the project

The implementation stage is the most important stage when introducing any new project. For this project to be well implemented, it will need a standard server that will have to integrate with the whole healthcare facility system (Honey, Collins & Britnell, 2018). The latest operating system will have to be installed into the already existing/ new computers. Besides, the new system will have to be compatible with both windows and operating system. Additionally, it will be necessary for the IT expert to sensitize the other stakeholders on the working of the new system.

The Roles of the Project Team

The project team will be made of the senior nurse, the system developer, IT expert, the nurse informatics, the representative from the nutritional department and the physician’s representative. All the team members are key in the implementation process as they help to streamline the required features that reflect the needs of every department. The representatives have also been selected carefully as they are deemed to handle all chronic healthcare conditions such as hypertension and obesity.

The role of the nurse informatic is to gather and interpret patient data and then disseminate them to the different stakeholders as defined by the information system. Additionally, the informatics are to initiate the system changes and work in collaboration with the IT department to test and ensure full implementation of the system. The management is in charge of financing the project and creating an atmosphere where all stakeholders are fully trained on how to use the system. The nurses and other healthcare providers on the other hand, ensure that they use the system to identify possible faults that have to be rectified before full implementation.

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