President’s Training & Development Recommendations essay


In any training and development, there are important things that a person has to keep in mind this is because like the training of a president it is the role of a person to ensure that he or she gives the right training that will influence the president that what you are doing will be important in controlling the operations that take place in the country. In training then the president should have well-set questions on the basic areas that he needs to be trained on.

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Therefore it is important for a trainer to have those to be trained been keen so that they can know the areas that require amendments. In this, I mean that a person should be able to liaise with colleagues to ensure that all materials contain current practices, should be able to manage and undertake the development of training courses and maintain close contact with field trainers. This is very important as in the training department then a president will be in need of knowing the changes that will be required so that they can have changes in the right direction. This will mean that if he will not keep in touch with the trainer then it will not be possible to know what exactly the trainer is talking about. A trainer is required to understand the competency gaps and ensure that the courses that are offered will address training requirements and undertake the delivery of soft skills training; one has to evaluate the training. With these requirements then a trainer will be in a position to ensure that what he or she will provide for training will benefit the concerned person so that they can see the benefit of training. The president therefore should be in a position to ask questions of training that is important so that he can know why things have not been going the way it has been required. In this, I mean that been a trainer then it is your task to ensure that the information that you give to the president is of importance to him so that he can be impressed with the training. In training then development has to be involved in development I mean that after training has been done then one will have to see changes that will show that the training has been of importance. This means that in a training then one will have to know how to manage time so that if they are people top be trained then they know the important point that will lead to success. This training is very important to the president as he should be able to have people who can carry out their actions just in a manner that they will not have to be supervised. Therefore in training this president then he should have a follow up of the importance of time schedule as it will guide others in taking their work with a lot of concern. In this, I mean that in a training then new ideas and knowledge is received as the trainer will have made a research on the areas that the president would like to be trained on. Therefore in training then it is very important as there will be a change in ideas and the way people have been viewing things. This will change everything that is in the training department. In a training then there should be devices that have to assist a person so that they can take the training and be of standard in this then a trainer will have to ensure that the materials that are required are in place so that they have the training that is accepted by all. A trainer should be a professional in that field this is because in a training one will have to meet people of different levels of education and this will mean that if one does not have education and skills in this fields of training then it will not be possible for him or her to give the right direction and guidelines to the person who has to be trained. Therefore been a professional in the training field then you will have information that will be higher than the person to train and this will keep this person in a position that he will be impressed on the training that is offered to him or her. A training to be successful should have changes made frequently which will mean that it will be of importance as it is a world of changes therefore in a training then the program that is set should not be fixed to creative ideas but should be flexible so that the information that is given to a person who is to be trained is of standard.

Therefore in training a person should get new ideas that will assist him or her to make changes in life this is because one gets training so that he or she can be able to advance in life therefore after training then one should be able to make changes in life. Therefore a training and development field is very important and should be kept for all to know the importance that is placed to a training program. A trainer therefore should have a plan that will assist him or her so that one will have a time plan for each one. This plan is very important because it will guide a person in coming up with information that is current and does not depend on old information. Therefore an in a training program then a plan is very much important and should give a direction to the person who has to take this role of training others. There should be examples given to a person that is trained these examples should be linked with the idea that this person requires if for example, a person wants to be trained on how to start a business then in the training there should be the guidelines that are important in starting a business this will lead to such a person knowing the importance of things that a business should have if they have to succeed in their operation. Therefore in any training that has to be done then there should be ideas that are linked with what a person is in need of.

The main idea for training is to get more informed about changes that take place this will mean that if a person does not see the changes and the way through to deal with these changes then the training will be of no importance to such a person. It is therefore very important for a trainer to be keen on training others so that they can have something change in whatever they do and this will give them an impression why they should have training frequently.

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